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Related Trust Services

Personal Agency Account

A custodial agency account in which the bank is named as agent under a legal document, known as an agency agreement. The title to property does not pass to the bank. Bank of Pontiac, as agent, provides custodial safekeeping, bill paying and income collection services with complete and accurate reporting of all account transactions.

Investment Management Agency Account

In an Investment Management Agency Account, Bank of Pontiac is named as agent with full investment management authority. You will complete an investment profile to assist the agent in defining and realizing your investment objectives. Bank of Pontiac will provide a periodic review and report of all account transactions for income tax purposes. As with the custodial agency, title does not pass to the agent.

Agent for Trustee or Executor

Bank of Pontiac, as agent, will handle estate and/or trust matters under guidelines of the will or trust document, handle all record keeping and reporting and the other responsibilities of the fiduciary.


Bank of Pontiac will serve as guardian of the estate of a minor or disabled adult, upon court appointment. The bank's role as guardian is limited to property only; we do not serve as guardian of the person. The bank as guardian of the estate is required to file accountings for court approval and must adhere to strict investment standards to preserve the property of the protected individual. The guardianship account terminates upon the recovery or death of the protected person or, in the case of a minor, when the individual reaches the age of 18 (in Illinois).


When Bank of Pontiac is named executor in a will, we are entrusted with gathering estate assets and information relative to determining the debts and claims against the estate. The bank, as executor, manages the estate during settlement and works in conjunction with the attorney and accountant to determine any tax liability prior to distribution of estate assets. An accounting is filed with the court prior to the bank being discharged as executor.

Farm Management

Bank of Pontiac’s Professional Farm Management Program is tailored to landowners who are not involved in the hands-on farming operation. We serve as farm asset manager and represent landowners to help them meet their goals and objectives. We have adopted a hands-on approach to farm management, emphasizing stewardship, production, marketing, accounting and communication.

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