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ID TheftSmart

Bank of Pontiac and Kroll Fraud Solutions, the leading provider of identity theft and fraud investigation services, have partnered together to bring ID TheftSmart service to you.

When your sensitive personal information is lost or stolen, it can be a very time-consuming process to repair the damage done. That’s when ID TheftSmart comes in. Kroll Fraud Solutions has forensic accountants, attorneys, regulators and former law enforcement personnel who work on your behalf to protect, restore, and preserve your identity.

ID TheftSmart offers two solutions, ID Restoration and Credit Monitoring.


ID TheftSmart Restoration is your answer in the event your identity is ever compromised. Investigators will work on your behalf to restore and preserve your identity. Not only will you receive full service identity restoration from a licensed experienced investigator should you become a victim, but you will also have a resource to help answer questions or provide guidance on security and fraud related concerns, in order to head off possible issues before they materialize.

If your identity is stolen, our licensed ID TheftSmart investigators will:

  • Confirm identity fraud and determine its nature and scope
  • Assist in obtaining a police report
  • Provide a tri-merged credit report and perform full non-credit searches
  • Work on your behalf until ALL identity theft issues have been verifiably resolved
  • Place seven-year fraud victim statements with credit reporting agencies when applicable

The price of the ID TheftSmart™ Restoration service is $3.99 per month per person for a full service restoration solution.

Credit Monitoring (includes Restoration)

ID TheftSmart Credit Monitoring is designed to provide alerts if you ever experience unusual activity on your credit report. Through this service, you will receive online alerts when one of the following activities is detected on your credit report:

  • New account openings
  • Credit inquires
  • Payment delinquencies
  • Public record changes
  • Change of address

Alerts are available online via the internet. The alerts are provided on a daily basis and notification of no activity on a monthly basis.

The price of ID TheftSmart Credit Monitoring service is $7.99 per month per person. This fee also includes the ID TheftSmart Restoration service.

Enroll Today

If you would like more information or want to enroll in an ID TheftSmart program, please visit any Bank of Pontiac location. In order to enroll in an ID TheftSmart program, you must be 18 years of age and have a checking account or savings account at Bank of Pontiac.

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