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FunTimers Checking



A no-service-charge interest bearing checking account offered exclusively for our FunTimer members
  • Minimum to Open: $100
  • Interest Bearing: Yes
  • Minimum to Avoid Fee**: None
  • Monthly Service Charge: None
  • FREE Online Banking & Bill Pay*
  • Discounted FunTimer Checks
  • 20 FREE Personalized Checks
  • Unlimited Check Writing
  • Checks/Images Returned with Statement
  • FunTimer Membership Rewards
  • ATM/Debit Card ††
  • TeleBank24

* Bill Pay Service is FREE provided that you pay at least one bill per month online. Inactive Bill Pay users will be charged $4.95 per month.
**Please refer to our Services Brochure for applicable fees, interest rates and eligibility requirements.
†Must be a FunTimer with $2,500 in combined deposits at Bank of Pontiac and subject to "Interest Checking" requirements if $2,500 in combined deposits is not maintained.
††Subject to approval.

How To Balance Your Checkbook

  1. Compare your monthly bank statement against entries written in your checkbook
  2. Put a check mark next to each transaction in your checkbook registry as reflected on your statement.
  3. Find the ending balance on your bank statement.
  4. Add any deposits not checked off to the ending balance
  5. From this new ending balance, subtract any recent withdrawals, checks or debits listed in your checkbook that are not checked off.
  6. The final amount should match your checkbook ending balance. If not, repeat this procedure until your checkbook balances.

Helpful Hints If You Don't Balance

  • Recheck your addition, subtraction and corrections made in your checkbook register and on your reconcilement form.
  • Verify the carryover balance from page to page in your checkbook register.
  • Be sure you have deducted any service charges from your checkbook register.
  • Verify the printed amount located on the bottom right hand corner of the cancelled check or any deposit slip with the amount listed in your checkbook register.
  • Please feel free to use our FREE Money Smart Tool to assist you, courtesy of the FDIC.
Money Smart