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Online Banking FAQs


Online Banking FAQs

  • How much does Online Banking cost?

  • How do I access Online Banking?

  • Who should enroll when I have a joint account with another person?

  • When I attempt to login online using my user ID and Password, it says that my account is currently locked. Why?

  • What is my User ID & Password?

  • I signed up for Online Banking, but I cannot see any of my account history?

  • Why is my Available Balance different from my Current Balance?

  • How frequently is my Bank of Pontiac information updated?

  • Can I look at all of my transactions at any time?

  • After I make a bill payment, how long does it take for the money to be debited from my account?

  • How long does it take for a payment to reach the payee?

  • How do I actually use the Electronic Bill Payment System?

  • What software do I need to access Online Banking?