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Check Reordering

Reordering your checks through Bank of Pontiac is quick and easy. We offer numerous options for ordering checks, including in person, over the phone or online.

Before you reorder, are you:

Making changes to your checks?

It’s best to call or visit a Bank of Pontiac location and talk with a customer service representative.

Reordering the same check style?

You can call or visit a Bank of Pontiac location and talk with a customer service representative, or take advantage of our online check reordering service. If you choose to order online, be sure to have a sample check available for reference and your email address to confirm your order.

Deluxe Checks

Deluxe - Reorder your personal checks.

You can access the Deluxe website either directly or via one of our web-links. If you do not have Internet access, use the Deluxe automated telephone system by dialing (877) 838-5287. Internet and telephone orders will be charged to your checking account and will appear on your monthly statement. The amount charged will vary depending on your preferred method of shipment.

  • The checking account number of the account you are ordering checks for
  • Your next starting check number
  • Any changes you need to make to the check such as personal information, design or format.

Non-Standard Checks

Not all checks are created the same. Sometimes the prices offered by other printing companies are too good to be true. By ordering through Bank of Pontiac and Deluxe, you are ensuring that you are getting the best quality for the most value. Our check processing equipment requires a certain level of quality in the inks used to print your bank information at the bottom of each check. Purchasing checks from companies that use substandard inks can risk delaying the processing of your checks.

Computer Generated Checks

If you are creating checks from computer generated stock, please be sure to put the bank’s routing number, account and check number at the bottom of the checks. This makes it possible for our automated equipment to read your information. Improper placement of the bank information at the bottom of the check can cause delays in processing your check order. Should you have any questions about the placement of bank information, please call Bank of Pontiac at (815) 844-6155 and we will be happy to assist you.

If you are printing your checks on a printer, please ensure the ink is of a high quality and there is sufficient quantity to print the necessary bank information at the bottom of the check. Checks can be delayed in processing if the ink is too light or is flawed to the point that our equipment cannot read the information.

Identity Theft Prevention Tip:

Never have your social security number or driver’s license imprinted on your check. It is best to provide that information to a requesting merchant at the time of a purchase rather than risk revealing that information should you lose or have your checkbook stolen.

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