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Farm Management


What is Farm Management?

Bank of Pontiac’s Professional Farm Management Program is tailored to landowners who are not involved in the hands-on farming operation. We serve as farm asset managers and represent landowners to help them meet their goals and objectives. We have adopted a hands-on approach to farm management, emphasizing stewardship, production, marketing, accounting and communication.

Our experienced team has years of combined farm management experience and years of hands-on knowledge from working on their own family farms. Our experienced team includes: Chris Clement, VP of Ag Services & Accredited Farm Manager (AFM), John Marshal, SVP and Senior Trust Officer & Accredited Farm Manager (AFM), Nathan Wenger, VP of Ag Services and Brad Brown, VP of Lending. They are all members of the Society of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers. With first hand farming experience and expert knowledge in seed and fertilizer selection and grain marketing, our farm team can help you achieve your ownership and investment goals.

Understanding the Farm Management Relationship

When you choose Bank of Pontiac’s farm management team, we treat your farm operation as we would our own. Each decision is made with your best interest in mind and we are available for consultation at your discretion. We understand every farm operation is unique and customize our program to suit your expectations. Below is an explanation of the process we adopt when managing your farm operation:
  1. Goals & Objectives
    Once your farm management account has been established, we will meet with you to determine your farm goals and objectives. In this initial meeting, we will discuss your farm as a long-term investment and your plans for preserving the integrity of your farmland for future generations.
  2. Lease Options Analysis
    Our farm managers will perform a Lease Options Analysis to identify the type of lease best suited for the farm owners. At this time we will also determine if the farm will be leased to the existing operator or if a new tenant is to be selected.
  3. Crop Plan
    Setting up the crop plan is a key step in the farm management relationship. Our farm managers will work with your operator to identify the number of acres of each crop to be grown, seed varieties, a fertility plan and chemicals to be applied. Saving you money, as an owner, is extremely important to us. We are able to offer our clients volume discounts on input purchases and we take advantage of cash discounts whenever possible.
  4. Scouting & Reporting
    Keeping you informed of your farm’s progress is important. Our farm managers monitor spring planting and assess the progress. During the growing season, we conduct frequent farm visits to scout the crops and the growing conditions. You will receive a written report of our observations along with supporting photos. Finally, we monitor harvest progress and report grain inventory.
  5. Marketing Plan
    Our farm managers work as a team to put a marketing plan into place prior to production and adjust the plan as weather conditions and the market change. Forward cash contracts, minimum price contracts and cash sales are used to gain the best average net price.
  6. Quarterly Report Package
    Through CenterPoint, our computerized farm record system, we generate quarterly farm reports to keep you current on your farm’s financial progress. Our complete year-end report package details the transactions for the year and provides a concise income and expense report that matches the IRS tax forms. Tax time is a breeze with the Bank of Pontiac Farm Management team behind you.

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