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Debit/ATM Card


Mastercard Debit Card**

  • Make purchases wherever you see the Mastercard symbol
  • Your purchase amount will be deducted from your checking account balance and will appear on your monthly account statement
  • Doubles as an ATM Card - Withdraw cash at any STAR or CIRRUS network ATM worldwide.
For more information about a Bank of Pontiac Debit Card, please call or stop by any of our convenient locations! 

**Subject to approval


  • Accepted at any STAR or CIRRUS network ATM worldwide
  • Directories are available upon request

**Subject to approval

EMV Chip Cards

Bank of Pontiac is offering Debit/ATM Cards with chip technology to help increase the card security when used for in-store purchases and also help reduce the possibility of fraudulent activity. The chip, which is embedded in the card, makes each transaction unique by issuing a one-time code that is transmitted throughout the Point of Sale system for purchases instead of the actual card data. Learn more about EMV Chip Technology.

Your Bank of Pontiac Debit Card will be replaced with a new chip card as your current card expires. Once your new card arrives, be sure to activate it for use and then destroy your old card. You will automatically receive your new chip card in the mail before your card's expiration date.

Debit Card Tip

When using your debit card for large purchases, it is best to use your pin number, instead of requesting to sign the transaction slip. If you try to sign for your purchase and it is declined, please try again using your pin.


It’s here! The power to protect your Bank of Pontiac Debit Card is available through the palm of your hand! Use your mobile device to:

  • Receive instant alerts based on the rules you set
  • Turn your Bank of Pontiac Debit Card(s) off and on
  • Set transaction spending limits
  • View a list of your recent and pending transactions
  • Set parental controls and monitoring
  • Control where and how your card can be used – perfect to use for vacations!

Download the MyCardRulesTM app today!

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How to Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card or ATM Card

Debit Card: To report your debit card lost or stolen during regular business hours, please call our Main Bank (815) 844-6155 or Toll FREE (855) 844-6151. After hours, on the weekends or on holidays, please call (888) 297-3416.

ATM Card: To report your ATM card lost or stolen, please call our Main Bank (815) 844-6155 or Toll FREE (855) 844-6151. After hours, on the weekends or on holidays, please call (888) 297-3416.

Deactivate your Card Using TeleBank24 by calling Toll FREE (855) 844-6152: If you have access to Telebank24, you may deactivate the card using option 6. This will render the card unusable and require that you come in to the bank to have a new card issued.