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Discount Brokerage


Discount Brokerage Service*

Available through Wayne Hummer Investments L.L.C.
  • If you prefer to make your own investment decisions, discount brokerage might be the solution. Through our affiliation with Wayne Hummer Investments L.L.C., we can buy and sell securities for you or assist you in establishing an account so you can handle your own trades.
  • This relationship gives you the power to make your own investment decisions and may save you up to 70% off regular brokerage fees.
  • Security trades can be extended on your behalf by the Bank of Pontiac or by establishing an account, you are able to execute your own trades.
  • You can also access your accounts online by using our link to the Wayne Hummer Investments L.L.C. web-site.

We can provide investment information concerning the buying and selling of securities, based on information secured from members of the New York, American and Midwest Stock Exchanges.

Stop by our Trust Department for further information.
*Not FDIC insured. Not a deposit of the bank. Not guaranteed by the bank. May go down in value.

Types of IRA’s

Self Directed IRA

Bank of Pontiac can be named as custodian for IRA funds which could also include funds rolled over from another retirement plan or IRA, under IRS guidelines. The bank makes investment changes only upon your direction. A Self Directed IRA can be either a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA. As custodian, Bank of Pontiac will provide a complete reporting of the account transactions.

Traditional Trusteed IRA

Bank of Pontiac may be named as trustee with full investment management authority. You will complete an investment profile to assist us in defining and realizing your investment objectives.

Custodial IRA

A custodial IRA can be either a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA and is available through our New Accounts department.


If you prefer a more traditional investment path with the added security of FDIC insurance, a Certificate of Deposit might be your answer. We offer several investment terms and frequent CD specials.

CD Rates