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Ag Loans

Helping our farmers succeed is critical to the success of our community. At Bank of Pontiac, our Ag Services department offers Ag lending solutions designed to help you fund your farm operation. Our experienced Ag lenders understand the volatility of the Ag economy and work with you to create a financing package that’s suited to your needs and a payment schedule to match your cash flow – including an annual payment option.

Operating Loans & Lines of Credit

  • Daily and seasonal operational expenses such as seed, fertilizer, feed & labor
  • Expenditures including rent, taxes, insurance and day-to-day living
  • Annual maturity and the option to secure with real estate
  • Pre-approved lines of credit for future use
  • Interest is only charged on the funds used

Equipment Loans

  • Purchase or refinancing of tractors, trucks, combines, farm implements, buildings or any other equipment

Livestock Loans

  • Purchase and care of livestock
  • A variety of terms are available with fixed or variable interest rates

Real Estate Loans

  • Land and building purchases and improvements
  • Refinancing of debt
  • Long-term payment plans are available with the option of variable and fixed interest rates

FSA Guaranteed Loans

  • Farm Service Agency Guaranteed Loan
  • Provides your farming operation with the opportunity to refinance current debt or expand your farming business when conventional financing terms may not be an option
  • Longer repayment terms and lower collateral requirements offer great flexibility
  • Interest rate uncertainties are minimized by long term fixed rates, without the burden of pre-payment penalties
  • Through the Beginning Farmer Loan Program, we can assist with financing of real estate and other depreciable assets at attractive interest rates
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