Lending Solutions
Mortgage Loan Process
Pre-Qualification: Determining how much home you can afford is the key to the pre-qualifying process. This will allow you to know exactly what you can comfortably afford and will help you shop for the perfect home.
Loan Application: Once you’ve found the perfect home and your offer has been officially accepted, the loan application process begins. You will meet with the Bank of Pontiac mortgage loan specialist of your choice. Your mortgage loan officer will provide you with an application and explain what information you will need to complete the application.
Processing: Once you’ve completed and turned in your loan application, we will verify that we can underwrite your loan.
Underwriting: Underwriting determines if the loan package provided is acceptable. Once the underwriting standards are met and approved, you are qualified to receive a mortgage on your new home.
Loan Closing: A closing will be held to finalize your loan. This is a short meeting between yourself, your attorney, the bank, the seller and the seller’s attorney. During this meeting, closing documents are signed, the seller receives payment and you officially become a new homeowner.